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Server-based computing

(also SBC)

Server-based computing definition

In server-based computing (SBC) computing architectures, processing is executed in centralized system servers instead of individual client devices. That means the sensitive data and applications are managed with enhanced security in a controlled environment.

See also: server hosting

Popular SBC applications in cybersecurity:

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure: In VDI environments, users can access a desktop environment hosted on a central server. That enables users to work in a secure and standardized environment.
  • App Hosting: All security updates and the latest patches are managed centrally and applied frequently in centralized servers. Due to that, users can access essential apps remotely and more safely.
  • Remote desktop services (RDS): RDS centralizes data and application management, which helps reduce unauthorized access and sensitive data breaches. Meaning users can access virtual desktops and applications more safely.