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Remote user

Remote user

Remote user definition

A remote user is a person or entity who accesses a computer, network, or tool from a remote location, not from the physical site of the system. People usually use the internet for it, but other communication tech is also available for it. Remote access allows them to interact with digital resources and perform tasks as if they were physically present.

See also: remote access server, remote desktop, remote desktop protocol, remote device, remote monitoring and management

How it works

Remote users connect to the internal network through the internet by using VPNs or remote desktop protocols. It not only allows them to access the files, software, and resources located on other servers and devices but to do it safely. Remote users can use both computers and smartphones or tablets for these connections.

Early forms of remote access included dial-up connections and mainframe terminals. The modern internet has made remote users’ lives much easier and remote work more accessible and commonplace.

Remote users being able to access the resources they need for work from virtually anywhere in the world makes work-life balance better while enabling global collaboration and, therefore, driving innovation. More remote workers also mean less office space required — which helps businesses save on rent and utilities.

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