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(also Apple Keychain, iCloud Keychain, Mac Keychain)

Keychain definition

Keychain is free password management software for Mac OS 8.6+ and iOS 7+ devices. Keychain can store various information, such as passwords, cryptographic keys, and notes. It can sync this data across devices logged in to the iCloud with your Apple ID.

Information stored on Keychain is secured with 256-bit AES encryption, making it near impossible to access with brute force. However, Apple’s high profile and widespread system adoption present a tempting target for cyberattackers. For example, German security researcher Linus Henze revealed a way to get passwords from Keychain (dubbed Keysteal) in 2019.

Real Keychain usage examples

  • Storing passwords for websites and applications on your Apple device
  • Storing notes and credit card details to let you safely keep critical information within reach
  • Auto-filling passwords and web forms on the Safari browser for easy account access, registration, and online shopping
  • Generating unique passwords using random symbols to protect each account
  • Evaluating password strength to detect vulnerabilities in your digital defenses