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Credential store

(also User store, Authentication store)

Credential store definition

A credential store is a secure digital repository that functions as a library of security data. It can hold public key certificates, usernames, passwords, tickets, and other types of credentials. They are used during authentication processes.

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Examples of credential store

  • Windows Credential Manager. A feature that is built into the Windows operating system. It allows users to store their usernames and passwords in a centralized location. These credentials are then used for automatic authentication.
  • NordPass. It’s a credential store that offers robust password management. NordPass is known for its strong encryption standards. It presents features like passkey generation and cross-platform accessibility.
  • Apple Keychain. It works on macOS and iOS devices. It securely stores credentials such as passwords, Wi-Fi network keys, and credit card details. Keychain also synchronizes this information across different gadgets using iCloud.