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Cloud security posture management

Cloud security posture management

(also CSPM)

Cloud security posture management definition

Cloud security posture management refers to the practices and tools used to ensure that cloud-based systems are configured and managed in a secure and compliant manner. CSPM is about keeping your cloud environment safe and in good shape. Through the various automated tools and best practices CSPM provides, it helps organizations to monitor and assess the security posture (e.g., cybersecurity readiness) of their cloud environments.

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What does CSPM do?

  • Cloud security posture management tools scan the cloud infrastructure (i.e., services, resources, configurations) to identify security gaps. This process may include inspecting access controls, encryption, and network security settings.
  • CSPM tools compare the configured settings with best security practices and compliance standards. They check if the cloud environment adheres to industry security guidelines (e.g., CIS benchmarks) or specific regulatory requirements (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA).
  • CSPM continuously monitors the cloud environment for changes and deviations from the desired level of security. Companies get real-time alerts and notifications when the management tools identify a security risk or policy violation.

What is CSPM used for?

  • Incident response. CSPM plays a crucial role in the company’s ability to respond to cybersecurity incidents. While CSPM primarily focuses on proactive security management, when a security breach occurs, it can help detect it quickly and support the investigation into what happened.
  • Risk assessment and vulnerability detection. CSPM tools help companies identify vulnerabilities in cloud environments (e.g., outdated software or insecure network configurations).
  • Compliance monitoring. Using CSPM tools, the cloud environment can be continuously monitored to detect any changes in the desired security posture.
  • DevOps integrations. CSPM can be integrated into DevOps practices to increase cloud security throughout the software development cycle.

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