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Automatic repeat request

Automatic repeat request

(also ARQ)

Automatic repeat request definition

Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) is a system that ensures reliable data sending. It involves an automatic retransmission of data packets when errors are detected at the receiver’s end. ARQ retransmits information until it is delivered without any disruptions or until a predefined limit is reached.

Use cases of automatic repeat request

  1. Wireless communication. ARQ is vital in wireless networks. It ensures glitch-free data transfer despite signal interference or fading, making sure messages and files are received accurately.
  2. Internet downloads. When you download files online, ARQ makes sure that any corrupted or lost parts of the file are resent.
  3. Streaming services. ARQ guarantees smooth streaming experiences by retransmitting lost or garbled data packets. It prevents disruptions in video or audio playback.
  4. VoIP calls. In Voice over Internet Protocol calls, ARQ helps maintain call quality by correcting dropped or distorted voice packets.
  5. Satellite communication. ARQ is crucial in satellite communication, where signal delays and interference are common. It guarantees accurate data transmission in space missions, remote sensing, and global communication.

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