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Anti-phishing service

Anti-phishing service

(also anti-phishing solution, phishing prevention service)

Anti-phishing service definition

An anti-phishing service is a specialized cybersecurity solution against phishing and certain other forms of social engineering attempts. Anti-phishing services include apps, web extensions, threat assessments, cybersecurity training, and threat response teams. In some cases, anti-phishing services also provide tools for data recovery following successful phishing attempts. Anti-phishing services typically focus on email security because phishing attacks typically target users through email.

Real anti-phishing service examples

  • Microsoft Defender is not a separate anti-phishing service — instead, it’s a security add-on for Office 365 users with multiple anti-phishing features. Microsoft Defender provides user training and has tools for detecting, preventing, and analyzing phishing attempts.
  • Mimecast is an anti-phishing service that offers a number of tools for email security. Mimecast provides user training, detects malicious links in messages using AI-based tools, and removes (or cleanses) infected email attachments.
  • Avanan offers anti-phishing software for email services hosted in the cloud. Avanan uses AI trained on the user’s previous emails to identify potential threats and detect impersonation attempts.

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