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Threat Protection is free with every NordVPN subscription

The latest feature for NordVPN has arrived. Threat Protection is that extra layer of cyber Kevlar that helps bolster your digital defenses. The best part? It’s free with every NordVPN subscription. Let’s explore the new feature and discover Threat Protection’s full capabilities!

Threat Protection is free with every NordVPN subscription

What is Threat Protection?

With the addition of this new feature, NordVPN has evolved into a versatile cybersecurity tool. Combining the privacy protection a VPN provides with a suite of other cybersecurity features makes for a robust and secure network. Threat Protection has a bunch of different uses that each have a unique security benefit, but at its core, Threat Protection was made to make your browsing experience a smooth one.

No more website trackers

Some websites employ trackers to monitor your behavior and browsing habits. Not all website trackers are malicious in nature, as they can be used to create better user interaction. However, other sites might have the goal of creating a digital profile of your activity and selling it on to third parties.

Threat Protection plugs the holes that a VPN can’t. With Threat Protection active, it blocks website trackers as you browse online, allowing for a much more private online experience.

Lowered risk of accessing malware-infected sites

We can’t expect to stay on our toes at all times when we’re browsing online. Unfortunately, we may stumble across a part of the internet we really have no business being in. Some websites can be notorious for infecting the devices of unwitting victims who accidentally stumble across them.

Fortunately, Threat Protection will directly intervene before the malicious website even loads. If you try to access the site, you’ll be greeted with a warning notification to steer clear. None of the website’s content will get a chance to load.

Suspicious files deleted automatically

A common tactic of phishing scams is to trick you into downloading a malicious file that probably contains a virus or a means for more viruses to enter your network. Threat Protection is the solution against these threats.

When you download any file up to 20MB, Threat Protection will automatically scan the file. If any malicious software is detected, the file is immediately deleted.

Say goodbye to intrusive ads and malvertising

Intrusive ads are typically ads that directly interrupt and disrupt your browsing experience. Autoplay ads, pop-ups, and distracting banners can all be classified as intrusive. From the more tech-savvy criminal, intrusive ads can also be implanted with malware that downloads as soon as you (unintentionally) click them. Or the advert will direct you to a website harvesting user login data.

Once again, Threat Protection has proven its worth as an addition to NordVPN’s already impressive features. Threat Protection will prevent these kinds of ads from even loading, blocking them entirely.

A smooth browsing experience is what you’ll get when Threat Protection is active. Bear in mind, however, that Threat Protection can only be experienced on Mac and Windows at the moment. With all these security additions, however, it’s best to remember what a VPN can do, too.

What NordVPN can do for you

Let’s not forget that a VPN is one of the best online privacy tools freely available to everyone. Alongside getting access to Threat Protection for free with a NordVPN subscription, what else can NordVPN do?

  • Encrypts your online traffic and hides your IP address, keeping your browsing habits safe from prying eyes.
  • Has over 5,400+ servers worldwide and unbeatable coverage. Smooth and private internet can be yours no matter where you are.
  • One subscription can cover up to six devices. NordVPN is also available on all major platforms.
  • Servers for specific needs — like double VPN servers for higher security.

If you sign up for a two-year plan, not only will you get a 62% discount, but you’ll also have access to the Threat Protection feature for free!

Online security starts with a click.

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