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NordVPN launches Nord Security bug bounty program

Security is our top priority; we’re always looking for new ways to protect our users. You can now help us to ensure the quality and safety of our services. With our product range rapidly expanding, we’re scaling up our bug bounty program to cover all Nord Security products.

NordVPN launches Nord Security bug bounty program

What is the bug bounty program?

We take security extremely seriously, and we know our community does too.

While we are really proud of our in-house product security team, we want to engage as many expert penetration testers as we can. As our product range expands, it’s vital that we utilise all of the talent available to find and close any loopholes in our products. This is why we launched our bug bounty program, allowing anyone to contribute and help us build a safer online world.

We use the HackerOne platform, which connects businesses with penetration testers and security researchers. There you can find all the conditions for participating in this program. Just make sure to pay a careful attention to what is in-scope and what is out of scope.

NordVPN HackerOne becomes Nord Security HackerOne

NordVPN is extending its bounty program to all Nord Security products – namely NordPass and NordLocker. That means the NordVPN HackerOne program is now the Nord Security HackerOne program.

To celebrate the occasion, we will run a two-week event taking place from 31st March to 14th April, when high and critical vulnerabilities will receive double the normal bounties.

Only reports related to Nord’s desktop and mobile apps will be counted as applicable for participation in the event. Make sure to check our terms and conditions for new applicability ranges. Also, check out the results of our previous bug bounty program.

Happy hunting!

Check out the Nord Security HackerOne page to get involved in our bug bounty program.