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Introducing NordVPN Help Center

Dec 17, 2016 · 2 min read

Introducing NordVPN Help Center

NordVPN is committed to providing our customers with the top of the line web security solution that is easy to use. Over the past year we have dedicated a number of resources to revamp all of our apps to ensure our service was intuitive and easy to follow, while expanding our data-center connections to a current network of over 700+ servers across 54 countries. We are also working on major architectural changes to introduce much anticipated new features.

The past half a year has also presented us with a unique opportunity and challenge to offer connection workarounds for services that are aggressively targeting VPNs. As copyright holders pressure streaming services to pay expensive global licensing fees – most companies end up blocking access to their coveted content for those outside their major markets. While historically VPNs were No.1 solution to facilitate workarounds for those restrictions – copyright holders pressured streaming services to start a VPN ban campaign.

COMPARITECH recently interviewed major VPN providers about the effects of such bans. To summarize, there are only a handful of VPNs that offer alternative workarounds for major streaming services. NordVPN is particularly focused on ensuring internet users aren’t forced to choose between their internet security and streaming convenience. It is unfortunate to see streaming services are sending the message that one has to choose between privacy and entertainment. For example, Netflix is now offered in 190 countries, many of which have intrusive state Internet surveillance, mass internet censorship, or no Net Neutrality protections — issues that Internet users can mitigate with VPNs. VPN creates a secure tunnel for all the information that is shared online, protecting from identity theft or surveillance, therefore  VPN ban campaigns can inadvertently interfere with general online security. 

New information centre

That said, NordVPN being one of the few remaining VPN services that support access to the biggest Netflix library, BBC, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. (often in limited capacity), as a consequence has encountered an overwhelming number of inquiries. As the workaround solutions often change – we ask our dear customers to visit our Help Center to view the up to date information about the workaround solutions and search for other information concerning our service. Alternatively, information about NordVPN service and streaming solutions can be obtained by emailing our tech support ( who are answering your inquiries in priority sequence. Our live chat is also available as an emergency assistance resource, where our staff can be reached 24/7. 

Please be advised that getting back to your ticket inquiries could be a bit slower than usual, but we want to assure you this is temporary. Note, our social channel direct messages are also an option of reaching our staff with urgent inquiries. That said, we want to thank you for continued patience and understanding – we truly have the best customers in the world!  
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