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About Tinder

Launched in 2012, Tinder is a location-based app with 50 million active users, who spend an average of 90 minutes per day on it. Tinder uses the information you put on Facebook to build a dating profile for you. It then shows you the list of other nearby users of your preferred gender and age. You can quickly browse through all the undesirable candidates by swiping left until you find the one that makes your heart skip a beat and your finger swipe right. If they have also shown interest in you, it’s a match and you can start messaging.

Where is Tinder Blocked?

Despite its worldwide popularity, Tinder is blocked in some countries in the Middle East and Asia. It won’t work in any countries that restrict Facebook either as it relies on Facebook for building user profiles.

Some Tinder users are still in college or even high-school, and many educational institutions have blocked access to Tinder on their WiFi networks, along with other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The same applies to workplaces, where focusing on the task at hand is still deemed more important than furiously swiping at one’s phone in search for love. However, ingenious users are quick to find ways to bypass these restrictions, often using VPN for Tinder access.

Countries where Tinder is most prominent for blocks

Tinder is periodically blocked in

  • Mauritius
  • Pakistan
  • Egypt
  • Turkey

How to Unblock Tinder at Work or School?

Websites and services are blocked by denying users access based on their IP addresses. When you connect to the internet from your school or workplace, you are assigned the general IP address of the local network, which has various access restrictions. Although there are several methods to bypass internet filters, the most reliable is using a VPN service, which switches your IP address to a location where Tinder isn’t restricted.

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VPN service encrypts and protects your communications over the Internet, ensuring your security and anonymity online. Connecting to a VPN server also hides your IP address and allows you to bypass any related restrictions and access any content, including Tinder, at work or school.


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