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The bottom line here is: When you’re online, you don’t have to worry about being secure or about your information getting out there if you have a VPN. NordVPN makes it simple.

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Why choose NordVPN?

See how we compare to the other VPN providers.

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Connection speed*
6730+ Mbps
2220+ Mbps
3320+ Mbps
1600+ Mbps
2320+ Mbps
VPN servers
Malware scan for downloads
Alerts about leaked credentials
Tracker and ad blocker

Date of comparison: November 9, 2022.
*Overall network performance according to research by AV-Test. You can read the full report.

Take control of your online privacy

If you’re not using a reliable VPN, your online data can be accessed by snoopers on your network. Get NordVPN to protect your online data and browse the web with confidence.

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Protect your online data

Once connected, NordVPN changes your IP address and virtual location and makes your online traffic unreadable to others. This way, you can keep your data private while surfing the internet.

Go secure with a few easy steps

NordVPN is easy to use from the start. Pick your plan, download the NordVPN app, and tap the Quick Connect button to get connected to the best VPN server immediately.

Stay safe even on public Wi-Fi

NordVPN uses next-generation encryption to keep your connection secure at all times. Connect to a NordVPN server and browse with confidence – even on public hotspots.

The security you need, the features you’ll love

Uninterrupted streaming

Watch your favorite content without any slowdown or interruption on all your devices, wherever you are – no limits on bandwidth or speed.

Easy VPN set up

Start using NordVPN with just a few clicks: get a plan, sign up, and tap the Quick Connect button to pick the best server for your network conditions.

Next-generation encryption

Connect to a VPN server and be sure that NordVPN’s cutting-edge A-256 encryption keeps your online data safe, even on public Wi-Fi.

Malware protection

Enjoy a higher level of security with NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature. Scan downloads for malware, block trackers, and hide ads.

Strict no-log policy

Rest assured that we don’t collect or store your private information such as used bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses or browsing data.

One account, six devices

Secure six devices with one account, use NordVPN on all operating systems and browsers. Install NordVPN on your router to protect your home network.

Add extra layers of security to your digital life

Get our best online protection tools along with your NordVPN service.


password manager

Organize your complex passwords and keep them securely in a single place.

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file encryption tool

Secure your files with a click and back them up on a private cloud.

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largest VPN server network

A truly global VPN server network

Choose among thousands of ultra-fast VPN servers worldwide. Enjoy a stable connection wherever you are.

VPN servers




Blazing speeds

Unlimited bandwidth

Questions? We have answers.

We value your privacy

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