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VPN servers in Denmark

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Choose from 60+ Danish VPN servers for secure browsing with unlimited bandwidth.

Servers in Denmark
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Connect to Danish VPN servers easily

Change your IP address to Denmark by connecting to the country server on the NordVPN app.

Connect to any Danish VPN server

Want an IP address in Copenhagen? Open the NordVPN app and tap on Denmark’s pin. You can also scroll down the servers’ list and choose the one you like.

Connect to specialty servers like Onion Over VPN or Double VPN for an extra layer of privacy.

Connect to specialty servers

If you have specific needs, look for our Specialty Servers — Double VPN, P2P, or Onion Over VPN. Select a category and get connected to the best server for you in seconds.

Which VPN server in Denmark should you choose?

70+ Danish servers for top speed

When it comes to speed, distance is the main factor to consider. Want amazing speeds? Pick a server that’s closest to you.

Get a personal IP

How would you like to have a dedicated IP just for yourself? Pick from five locations and get an IP address that’ll be only yours to use.

Quick Connect

One click is all it takes — our smart algorithm will find the fastest VPN server available for you.

Double protection

With Double VPN servers, you can encrypt your internet traffic twice, making it twice as hard for somebody to spy on it.

Take a step towards digital anonymity

You don’t have to download The Onion Router (Tor) browser to take advantage of the Onion network. Connect to Onion Over VPN servers and enjoy the ultimate privacy.

Hide your VPN connection

Traveling to a more restrictive country and want to use a VPN in secret? Connect to one of our obfuscated servers, and no one will know you’re connected to a VPN.

Find the best Danish server for your needs

NordVPN’s smart algorithm will automatically select the fastest VPN server based on your location and special requirements.

Reasons to use a VPN in Denmark

Stolen credentials, locked accounts, malware on your devices… Don’t let cybercriminals ruin your hygge mood — use NordVPN and stay protected 24/7 with the world’s fastest VPN.

All-round protection

NordVPN hides your real IP address from snoopers and advertisers for more internet privacy.

Hide your real IP

Want to avoid snooping? Get advertisers off your back? Use NordVPN and your IP address and location will be hidden from prying eyes.

NordVPN secures your internet traffic on any network with next-gen encryption.

Data encryption

Denmark boasts one of the best public internet speeds in the world. But using public Wi-Fi, no matter how fast, could be unsafe. Take advantage of NordVPN’s bulletproof encryption and protect your data on any network.

Fastest VPN on the market

NordVPN’s NordLynx protocol and hundreds of server locations deliver an ultra-fast connection speed.

Fast and secure

With NordVPN, you will never have to choose between speed and security. Thanks to our revolutionary NordLynx protocol and a massive server network, you’ll get the best speeds for all your online adventures.

Work, stream, browse and play with NordVPN’s unlimited bandwidth.

No bandwidth limits

Explore the internet without restrictions. Browse, stream, and play wherever you are — we won’t hold you back.

Enjoy online freedom

With NordVPN, you can access your favorite entertainment safely without lag or buffering.

Browse without interruptions

Maximum privacy, minimum slowdowns. Enjoy your favorite entertainment securely and without buffering or lag.

Choose from thousands of VPN servers in 59 countries and enjoy the internet without restrictions.

Explore freely

Thousands of VPN servers in 60 countries mean you won’t have to deal with restrictions or censorship. Connect and securely access the content you want, on any device, at any time.

How to get a Danish IP address


Get NordVPN

Download the app from the NordVPN website and install it.


Sign up

Choose the “Sign Up” option and fill in your details.



Open the app and tap Denmark’s pin on the map or find it in the country list.

Try NordVPN risk free

See for yourself why NordVPN is the VPN service Denmark trusts. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try out the service completely risk free.

See why NordVPN is the best VPN for Denmark

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Most VPNs
Fast and stable connection
No bandwidth limits
70+ Denmark servers
5300+ servers worldwide
No logging of your data
6 simultaneous connections
24/7 customer support
Hidden IP address
Strong data encryption
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