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Avoid data security risks with NordVPN business

Keep your company data safe with military-grade encryption. Unlock the web potential with a modern security service.

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Who could benefit from a VPN for business?

Law and consulting companies

Advertising and media agencies

Journalists and bloggers

Remote workers and frequent travellers

How your business can prosper with NordVPN

peace of mind everyday

Peace of mind every day

  • Safely share sensitive data with your clients and co-workers
  • Make online financial transactions in full security
  • Never again worry about using airport Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Stay private in countries with high Internet surveillance
  • Enjoy the Internet without censorship or bandwidth throttling
confidential data protection

Confidential data protection

NordVPN applies military-grade encryption to all the data you and your employees send or receive over the Internet. That includes sensitive customer data and any other confidential information.

security on public wifi

Security on public Wi-Fi

Protect yourself and your employees from the risk of using unsecured public hotspots. Whether you connect from an airport or a local Starbucks, NordVPN ensures that your online data is safe from cyber threats.

fully secure payments

Fully secure payments

Using a VPN gives you an extra security layer over your financial transactions. Every online payment you make is protected with 256-bit encryption combined with the toughest security protocols on the market.

no internet restrictions

Online freedom

With NordVPN, you can work from anywhere in the world and experience the Internet with no censorship and surveillance. Enjoy consistently high speeds with no buffering or bandwidth throttling.

test your product globally

Test your product globally

Working in a worldwide market? More than 2800 VPN servers around the world allow you to test your international products, applications and website content. With just one click, you can access a completely different Internet.

anonymous market research

Private market research

NordVPN helps you research the market without the risk of revealing your company’s identity or location. It replaces your original IP address, which may otherwise directly identify your workplace.

flexible online advertising

Flexible online advertising

With NordVPN, you can see the Internet the way it is on the other side of the globe — with just a click. Verify ad campaigns, research SEO keywords, analyze your competitors or potential markets with no limits.

Cross-platform service for all your devices

Make the most of the VPN benefits at your workplace or on the go.

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Next-generation security solution


Double data encryption

automatic kill switch

Automatic Kill Switch


No logs policy

easiest vpn on the market

Easiest VPN on the market


Servers all over the world

Connect to nearly 2819 servers in 59 countries around the world. Access any website or service you need, even when working or traveling in countries with high Internet censorship and surveillance.

data leak protection

Leak protection

NordVPN pays special attention to protecting users from privacy issues caused by unencrypted DNS requests. Our leak resolving technology keeps DNS queries secure and protected.

dedicated servers

Dedicated servers

NordVPN can help you ensure smooth performance with a dedicated business VPN server for your company’s use only. Furthermore, each of your VPN accounts can get a dedicated IP address for stable access to various services and databases.

personal help 24/7

Personal help 24/7

Have any questions? As our business client, you will receive a dedicated account manager, who will personally address your needs and issues. Our professional and helpful customer service is also there to assist you 24/7, offering a wealth of tech knowledge.

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NordVPN for your business

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How is this service different from the traditional corporate VPN?

Early VPNs were set up to give individual employees secure remote access to their company networks — hence the name “virtual private network”. NordVPN offers a less centralized approach, encrypting all Internet traffic of a protected device, whether it tries to access corporate databases or browse Google.

How is NordVPN for business different from NordVPN for personal use?

NordVPN for business offers a great opportunity to secure a special pricing when buying a number of accounts for your business needs. You get the same security and reliability of a NordVPN account but as a business account holder, you get a dedicated account manager who can assist you with service inquiries.

What makes NordVPN different from other VPN providers?

NordVPN offers a number of unique features, such as double data encryption. We are also extremely privacy-focused, keeping no logs of our users’ online activity and requiring no company details to purchase the service. We offer nearly 2819 servers all around the world, which deliver consistent speeds wherever your company is located.