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What is my IP?

Your public IP address tells any server you connect to where you’re coming from. Unfortunately, your virtual location can be used to track you, attack you, restrict access to censored websites, or even lock you out of your content (for example, your favorite streaming services may be unavailable while you’re traveling abroad.)

Many people shield their real IP address with VPNs or proxies for protection. Our “What is my IP?” tool lets you check whether your chosen cybersecurity measures are working and what others can tell from your current IP address.

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IP address lookup

An IP address tells you a lot about a server or person. In addition to their internet service provider (ISP) and hostname, it also reveals their presumed location in the real world, down to the street that they’re in. This information can be very useful in the right circumstances — for example, messages from IP addresses in faraway places can expose disguised scammers.

NordVPN’s IP address lookup tool lets you easily check all publicly available information about a known IP address. Use it as the first step in verifying whether the person or website really are what they claim to be.

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Password generator

Your password is your first and often only line of defense against cyberattacks. The difference between weak and strong passwords is like night and day — it only takes seconds for hackers to break into accounts protected by common words or phrases, whereas a good password can keep out even supercomputers for decades.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, the NordPass free online password generator will create impenetrable passwords for your accounts. Simply choose your desired password parameters and copy the result — that’s it! For even more convenience in your digital life, get NordPass to remember and auto-fill passwords for you.

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