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Celebrate International VPN Day with NordVPN

How much do you know about digital privacy, internet freedom, and cybersecurity? Take the National Privacy Test and find out.

International VPN Day

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On August 19, International VPN Day, we celebrate people’s right to digital privacy, security, and freedom.

Internet users’ online data and privacy are at risk. Whenever people go online, there’s always someone watching: internet service providers, marketers, network administrators. In some countries, it’s even worse – users have to deal with internet restrictions and censored content. Not to mention the massive data breaches that happen more and more often.

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Virtual private networks are one of the best ways to fight for online freedom and security. It protects internet users from surveillance, censorship, and cybercrime.

But we understand that a day is not enough to take it all in – that’s why VPN Awareness Month is here. We plan to use this time to educate people about online threats, internet censorship, and personal cybersecurity tools they can use to protect their digital lives.

So make sure to follow us on your favorite platform to learn more about VPN history, tips and tricks for online security, and dos and don’ts of the VPN world.

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What is International VPN Day?

August 19 is International VPN Day. Celebrate your right to digital freedom, privacy, and security — change your digital habits.

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boost your privacy

How do VPNs work?

They may sound complicated at first, but VPNs aren’t just for cybersecurity enthusiasts. They can and should be used by anyone online.

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how to become safer online

How to stay secure online

Learn the best cybersecurity practices for everyday use: encryption, better password habits, and protection against online scams.

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How much do you know about digital privacy?

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Celebrate International VPN Day by learning more about cybersecurity. Take the National Privacy Test and evaluate your digital habits, online privacy awareness, and digital risk tolerance. It’s a great way to find out more about VPNs and online security in general, so make sure to encourage your friends and family to take the National Privacy Test as well. This way, you can help spread the word of digital privacy and safe, free, and open internet.

Learn more about digital privacy and security

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Education Hub

Online security does not have to be a hard topic to grasp: visit our Education Hub to find videos, articles on cybersecurity, privacy tests, and more.

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NordVPN on Youtube

Visit NordVPN’s YouTube channel to learn about privacy and online security through short, fun, and informative videos.

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Cybersecurity blog

On NordVPN’s blog, you’ll find the latest news from the privacy world, in-depth opinion pieces, and deep-dives into niche cybersecurity topics.

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Celebrate International VPN Day

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