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Stream sports straight from the source

Watch football, basketball, and other sports streams live on official channels.

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Forget dodgy reruns. Stream live, stream safe.

No more “you had to be there” moments — be there. NordVPN lets you stream sports online on official channels, giving you a front-row seat in every match.

Imagine streaming the legendary 2012 game between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid live. Imagine seeing Ronaldo rush past Barcelona’s desperate defense and make history with a well-aimed shot. Imagine feeling your heart beat again as the crowd roars. Live sports streams let you be there, wherever you are.

Why you need a VPN for live sports streaming

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Watch the game from anywhere, anytime

Don’t resign yourself to watching the match highlights on the local news. With NordVPN, you can enjoy live sports streaming at the best speeds — wherever you are.

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Stream sports in privacy and security

Share your passion for sports with your friends, not malicious snoops. Without a VPN, your data traffic is exposed over unsecured networks, including public Wi-Fi. NordVPN shields your online activities, letting you securely stream sports online in cafes, hotels, or the airport lounge.

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Support your favorite team

Official sports streams not only offer the best possible experience, but also support the wider world of sports. Subscriptions and ad money feed into licenses, infrastructure, and professional coverage. With NordVPN, you can keep enjoying content from official sources securely, at amazing speed, and without bandwidth throttling.

Free streaming sites aren’t really free

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Some sites claim to let you stream sports live for free. Don’t be fooled — there’s a very real hook hiding behind the bait. These sites often combine live sports streaming with malware and malicious pop-ups.

You also get exactly what you pay for. Most free streams are only available in low resolution to save on bandwidth and keep interrupting the game every few minutes with shady ads. You might have to navigate through a dozen dangerous redirects just to get to the game.

Best live sports streams with NordVPN

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Fastest VPN on the markets

Stream access means nothing if you’re stuck watching a pixelated slideshow. Don't worry. Our robust infrastructure lets you push the limits of your connection for the best sports streaming experience on the planet.

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No bandwidth limits

4K streaming uses a lot of data, so some VPN service providers artificially limit your connection to save on costs. Not NordVPN — stream sports without any extra data caps or bandwidth throttling from us.

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Protect 6 devices with 1 account

You’re all set to root for your baseball team, but your significant other wants to watch the tennis finals? No problem. One NordVPN account can protect up to 6 devices at once, meaning that both of you can safely stream sports at same time, at home or over public wi-fi.

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