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VPN servers in Thailand

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Thailand VPN servers
Servers worldwide

Connect to Thailand VPN servers easily

List of NordVPN servers to get Thailand IP address

Connect to any Thailand VPN server

If you only want to change your IP address to Bangkok, simply open the map and tap the country pin. Or scroll down the servers’ list to choose your encrypted destination.

VPN Thailand Servers With Double Vpn, P2P, Onion Over Vpn Connection Options

Connect to specialty servers

Double VPN, P2P, Onion Over VPN – you can find all of them under the Specialty Servers section. Simply tap on a category and get connected to the best server for you. Easy!

Which server should you choose?

Lots of servers across the globe

Choose a server from more than 5,000 options available all across the globe. You can change your virtual location with a single click.

Get your personal IP

Order a static dedicated IP address in a preferred location that will be used exclusively by one person—you.

For extra security

Encrypt your traffic not once, but twice. Enjoy ultimate security.

Quick Connect

Once you tap Quick Connect, our smart algorithm will connect you to the best available server.

Optimized for P2P sharing

When it comes to peer-to-peer sharing, you need speed. NordVPN offers hundreds of secure specialized P2P servers around the world for the fastest experience.

Reasons to use NordVPN in Thailand

With VPN in Thailand use public WiFi safely

Online freedom and privacy

Access restricted content

Thailand's government imposes severe internet restrictions. Authorities block websites that they consider as ideologically and politically damaging to the country. This includes certain content from Wikipedia, BBC, or CNN sites. You can access restricted content by changing your virtual location with one of the thousands of our servers.

Protect your privacy

Thailand is known for its acute web surveillance. Its controversial cybersecurity bill allows authorities to snoop into users' data without court approval. Major ISPs and even internet cafes adhere to those regulations and can both trace you and store your data. But you can keep snoopers away and protect your privacy by encrypting your traffic. NordVPN's top-notch encryption will guarantee your privacy and safety.

NordVPN data encryption for safe browsing on public WiFi in Thailand

Safe browsing

Use public Wi-Fi safely

Public Wi-Fi often has weak protection, making it a fertile ground for cybercriminals. As Thailand is a popular spot for digital nomads, lots of people connect to these insecure Wi-Fi networks. With NordVPN, you can encrypt and protect your traffic from all the lurking dangers.

Minimize cybercrime risk

With criminals’ tendency to target tourists, cybercrime is prevalent in Thailand. NordVPN can help you reduce the risk of becoming a victim by safeguarding your traffic. Its Threat Protection feature can also protect you from malicious websites, trackers, malware, and pop-ups.

Single NordVPN account for multiple devices and platforms in Thailand

Strong protection for your friends and family

Avoid being accidentally exposed

Avoid accidentally exposing your traffic with our Kill Switch function. It automatically kills internet connection if the VPN unexpectedly stops working, so there is no risk of someone intercepting your traffic.

Secure 6 devices with 1 account

You can make sure your friends and family are safe too, as you can protect up to 6 devices with a single account.

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Find the best server for your needs

You can use our smart algorithm to find the VPN server that suits you best.

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