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Nord Security joins forces with Surfshark to strengthen their position in cybersecurity

Nord Security, a leader in the digital privacy and security field, and Surfshark, a fast-growing consumer cybersecurity company, joined forces to strengthen their industry positioning.

Nord Security joins forces with Surfshark to strengthen their position in cybersecurity

The companies finalized a merger agreement, which will reveal technical knowledge-sharing opportunities and enable more focused market diversification. However, Nord Security and Surfshark will continue to operate autonomously, relying on separate infrastructures and product roadmaps.

The merger agreement explained

As a market leader in the cybersecurity industry, Nord Security was impressed by the fast growth of Surfshark and the expertise and professionalism of its team. This merger will mark the beginning of the largest internet security and privacy powerhouse, help both companies to align on a strategic level, better satisfy the needs of our customers, and prepare for future challenges.

Nord Security and Surfshark have their own user bases, which is not going to change. Both brands will continue to operate independently, serving their customers and improving their own products.

The merger will allow Nord Security and Surfshark to consolidate their resources in reaching mutual goals and innovate within the cybersecurity industry. This synergy will aid in the fight against online threats and create a better experience for users.

When will the agreement take effect?

The closing of the signed agreement marks the end of the process that started in mid-2021. Since Nord Security and Surfshark have a shared mission to secure people’s digital lives and improve their privacy, the agreement provides both companies with new leverage in building a safer internet.

Both companies will continue to develop their own cybersecurity solutions, encompassing personal data protection, device security, file security, and more.