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Download NordVPN app for Chromebook

Enjoy secure internet access and blazing speeds on your Chrome laptop.

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Why do I need a VPN for Chromebook?

bandwidth throttling

Avoid throttling and data caps

With NordVPN, there are no data limits or bandwidth throttling. You can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted access to the internet.

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Stream like no-one’s watching

Thanks to our bulletproof encryption, you can safely stream your favorite TV shows and movies even on public Wi-Fi.

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Get blazing speeds and peace of mind

What’s better than a secure internet connection? A fast one. Thanks to the revolutionary NordLynx technology, you can have both security and speed.

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Avoid surveillance

If you’re after a private internet connection, use NordVPN to encrypt your network and hide your real location.

How to set up a NordVPN on your Chromebook

There are three ways you can secure your online traffic on Chromebook:

chromebook android app

Use the NordVPN Android app

Go to the Google Play store and download the NordVPN app. This way, all connections on your device will be secured.

vpn chrome extension

Use the NordVPN Chrome extension

Go to the Google Chrome Web Store, find the NordVPN extension, and click “Add to Chrome.” The extension will only secure traffic on the Google Chrome browser and will not protect your traffic outside of it.

nordvpn router setup

Install NordVPN on your router

Once you’ve installed a VPN on your home Wi-Fi router, all connections that go through it will be encrypted – including your Chromebook.

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