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Zero client definition

Zero Client is a minimalistic computing device without a hard drive, memory, software, or processing power. Usually, zero clients rely on the resources provided by a remote server. The simplistic nature of zero clients provides low-maintenance and secure solutions for accessing virtual desktop infrastructure.

See also: Zero-configuration networking

Zero client use cases:

Business workstations: In industries like healthcare and financial institutions, where privacy and data security are necessary, zero clients play a huge role. They ensure that sensitive information is not stored locally and computing operations are conducted in controlled environments.

Educational institutions: Education facilities like schools and universities employ zero clients to provide students access to various resources. That way, hardware theft and malicious hardware like USBs and hard drives are eliminated, thus minimizing sensitive data leaks.

Public internet access: Zero clients are ideal for public internet access in hotels, airports, and libraries. They provide a more secure and consistent experience compared to public computers.