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Virtual to physical

(also V2P)

Virtual to physical definition

Virtual to physical (V2P) is the process of moving software and data from a virtual environment (like a virtual machine or cloud server) to a physical hardware setup (like a dedicated server or a computer). V2P is used for several purposes, from restoring a failed computer's drive contents to improving app performance.

See also: host virtual machine

How does V2P work?

In a V2P migration, a virtual machine’s content is moved to a physical machine. The process is typically carried out by a third-party migration software.

  1. 1.First, identify the software and data you want to move from the virtual environment to a physical machine.
  2. 2.Use file transfer tools to copy the software and data from the virtual environment to the physical hardware.
  3. 3.Modify settings and configurations as needed to ensure compatibility with the physical hardware.
  4. 4.Thoroughly test the software on the physical hardware to ensure it works correctly and that data is accessible.

Tools used in V2P migration

  • Third-party migration software designed for moving virtual machines to physical hardware.
  • File transfer tools such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SCP (Secure Copy Protocol), or rsync.
  • Disk imaging software that allows you to create a complete copy of the virtual machine's disk or partitions.
  • Backup and restore solutions with special features (such as Symantec NetBackup or Veeam).