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Proxy agent

Proxy agent definition

A proxy agent is a middleman sending client requests to other servers or resources and then bringing responses back. It offers an extra layer of security and control by filtering and managing the information flow. Also, it hides a computer's details from the rest of the internet.

See also: SIP proxy, HTTP proxy, shared proxy

Use cases of a proxy agent

  1. 1.Enhancing Online Privacy. A proxy agent masks a user's IP address and location, allowing them to browse the internet anonymously.
  2. 2.Load balancing for web servers. It distributes incoming internet traffic across multiple servers and prevents any single server from becoming overloaded.
  3. 3.Internet Usage Control. Organizations use proxy agents to monitor and control their employees' internet usage. Proxies allow blocking access to non-work related sites and maintaining network security.
  4. 4.Improving network performance. By caching frequently accessed web pages and content, a proxy agent reduces bandwidth usage and speeds up the loading time.