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Mobile workforce

Mobile workforce

Mobile workforce definition

Mobile workforce refers to various groups of employees in many industries, not confined to traditional office environments. Technology, such as laptops and cloud services, allow these employees to work and communicate from various locations like home offices and coworking spaces. Mobile workforce is also often associated with flexible work hours, enabling workers to set their own schedules.

See also: remote access server, remote device

Mobile workforce examples

  • Remote workers. Employees may work from home or another location for a range of reasons, such as living far away from the office. They often use digital communication tools to communicate with their team and clients.
  • Field service workers. These employees work offsite, usually at client locations. For example, a technician might travel to different sites to repair equipment and use mobile devices to log work and communicate with the central office.
  • Consultants and freelancers. They often work on a project basis for various clients, performing tasks such as writing, designing assets, or providing SEO services. A freelance graphic designer might be hired to produce a series of images for websites while being free to choose where they work from.
  • Sales professionals. They often travel to meet clients. For example, a pharmaceutical sales rep might spend much of their time on the road, visiting doctors and hospitals to promote medications.

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