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Development server

Development server

Development server definition

A development server is a server environment used by developers to build, test, and improve their software before it is pushed to production. It’s essentially a safe space where code can be modified, tested, and debugged without affecting the live application or end-users.

See also: fuzz testing, stress testing, secure software development lifecycle

Advantages of using development servers

  • These servers are isolated, so they prevent untested or unstable code from affecting the live applications or users.
  • Developers can freely experiment without the fear of breaking the production environment.
  • Perfect for QA to identify bugs and issues early on and fix them.
  • It makes collaboration easier, because multiple developers can work simultaneously, testing integrations and interactions.

Advantages of using development servers

  • The server has to mirror the production environment perfectly for it to be useful, which requires regular updates and monitoring.
  • Development servers are resource-intensive and can cost more to maintain, especially if you need lots of them.

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