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(also cyber-warrior)

Cyberwarrior definition

A cyberwarrior refers to an individual who participates in cyberwarfare, motivated either by personal, patriotic, or religious reasons. While the term is often used to describe people who perform attacks on computer systems, cyberwarriors also include the defense force employed by governments and businesses.

Types of cyberwarriors

  • Hacktivists. Hacktivists, their name stemming from hacking and activism, are cybercriminals who carry out attacks based on shared group ideology.
  • State actors. Governments often employ people who both attack other countries and defend their own.
  • Script kiddies. Script kiddies (also called skiddies) are inexperienced hackers who rely on pre-existing software or scripts to carry out their attacks.
  • Cybergangs. Cybergangs are organized crime groups collaborating on and executing attacks against governments, corporations, institutions, and people.
  • Penetration testers. These individuals attempt to penetrate a network or system to identify vulnerabilities and test its security.
  • Ethical hackers. These individuals use the same techniques as malicious hackers to identify security weaknesses, but they do so with the permission of the system owner.

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