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(also common vulnerabilities and exposures)

CVE definition

A list launched in 1999 by the MITRE corporation containing all publicly available information-security vulnerabilities and exposures. It helps organizations improve their cybersecurity by identifying and categorizing vulnerabilities in software and firmware.

CVE entry statuses

Reserved. The entry is used by CVE Numbering Authorities, but the system doesn’t have all the details yet.

Disputed. Interested parties are still in dispute as to whether the entry can be qualified as a CVE.

Rejected. The entry was withdrawn or rejected because of administrative issues or incorrect assignment.

CVE use cases

Help organizations recognize and identify security flaws to improve their cybersecurity measures.

Referring to a problem by its ID minimizes the margin for error both in regular communication and in other vulnerability databases.

Organizations can react faster when they find a vulnerability in their system by referring to the CVE identifier.

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