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Cloud Workload Protection Platform

(also CWPP)

Cloud workload protection platform definition

A cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) is a security tool that safeguards the software and data running in a company's cloud services. It closely watches out for things like suspicious activity and unauthorized access and stops potential threats to keep the cloud safe.

See also: Cloud data platform

What does a cloud workload protection platform do? 

  1. 1.The CWPP keeps an eye on everything happening in the company's cloud services.
  2. 2.If it finds something suspicious, it sends a message to the admins.
  3. 3.Depending on how it's set up, the CWPP can automatically take action to stop the threat. The action may include blocking access or isolating affected parts of the cloud so that the problem doesn’t spread. 
  4. 4.The CWPP acts like a security guard, keeping the company's cloud safe.

What are the benefits of a CWPP? 

  • CWPPs help companies keep their cloud data safe from hackers and snoopers.
  • They save companies and their admins time by automatically handling security issues.
  • With CWPPs, companies can easily see what's happening in their cloud and fix any problems that come up.
  • CWPPs help companies follow security rules and regulations (e.g., industry standards, and legal requirements). 
  • They stop costly security breaches, saving you money, time and headaches.