Why do you need a
VPN in France?

Explore this comprehensive France VPN Guide – learn about surveillance and censorship laws, blocked content and more.


If you live or travel to France – you should use a VPN. Virtual Private Network is a must, when using public wifi, shopping online, or simply browsing the internet. NordVPN can help you encrypt your internet traffic, protect your data, secure your information from new and existing surveillance and censorship laws and help unlock content that is not available in France.

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France is one of the countries that tracks and keeps Internet user data. Several agencies can access private web-browsing information with little oversight.


Data Retention Program

All internet user data in France must be stored for 1 year. Data can be accessed by intelligence agencies.

‘French Patriot Act’

Laws defining internet data collection / surveillance regulations are very vague. Definition on who can be suspect or how is one identified as threat are not known. Extent of said surveillance powers – unknown.

MetaData Collection

ISPs have to store internet user data and collection is done with little oversight.

Privacy online is a privilege you should not take for granted.

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Can you say anything you want on the internet in France? Not all the time. Why is that bad? Research shows that feeling of being monitored online decreases civic expression, builds fear and limits creativity.

Censorship of online content is often passed into law when politicians argue that something is done ‘to help the people’. Trouble is some laws that are passed with good intentiosn are later used to censor the internet hurting peoples right to free expression.

Hadopi Law

First introduced in 2009, gives the French officials the power to block users from accessing the internet if found downloading pirated content illegaly. Meant to stop online piracy, later amendments of the law allowed the governmet to block certain websites.

Anti-Hatred Laws

A law passed to prevent peope from making hateful comments online gives the power to officials to remove content and block certain websites without any judicial process.

Tracking Data

Even though the European Court of Justice spells data retention laws as unconstitutional, France implemented 1 year data retention law. If people are feeling that they are monitored online, there is a big risk that they will self-censor when they are online.

French Right to be Forgotten

France has passed a right to be forgotten law. If you want something erased about you online, google.fr shoud remove that search quiry. France is seeking the whole google network to remove the same seach results. Fear is that politicians running for office, bad emplyers and criminals might use this technique to censor the internet.

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If you are connecting to the Internet when you travel – your data is at risk. NordVPN can help secure your data when using public wifi or worse, shared computers.


NordVPN is an essential service you need to take along with you when travelling. Business or pleasure, if you get homesick, NordVPN will help you unblock the content you need, including secure access to your local bank, favourite social sites, streaming services and other content. Just pick the NordVPN servers in France and you will appear to be in France while enjoying a fast and secure encrypted connection.

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Blocked Sites

A lot of international content is restricted and limited in France. A VPN service can easily help you access the content you want.

Access to the following sites is restricted in France:


Experience internet freedom with the help of anonimity software.

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What is a VPN and how does it work?

A VPN service encrypts all the traffic flow between the Internet and Internet user’s device. Further, it prevents unwanted third parties and organizations from monitoring user’s internet activity and helps hide your IP address. Additional benefits of unblocking the net is accessing all geographically blocked internet content (i.e. access to Facebook when travelling to Vietnam, streaming favourite shows on Netflix, etc.)

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