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Introducing CyberSec: A new security upgrade from NordVPN

Jun 30, 2017 · 3 min read

Introducing CyberSec: A new security upgrade from NordVPN

The NordVPN developers’ team is extremely excited to introduce you to our fresh and long-awaited security suite, called CyberSec. From now on in addition to military-grade encryption and unrestricted internet access, our users will be protected from annoying advertisements and malicious online threats.

What exactly is CyberSec for?

NordVPN CyberSec is an advanced technology solution that takes your privacy to the next level, providing you with better performance, security and control.

When enabled, CyberSec will automatically block harmful websites so that no malware or other cyber threats can infect your device. Additionally, no flashy pop-ups, auto-play ads and other advertisement material will come at your sight. Let’s take a closer look at its benefits.

Shield against malware

If the website you are trying to visit is known for phishing or malware, CyberSec reacts immediately and blocks the dangerous action. In other words: you simply won’t be able to enter a dangerous website.

Avoid botnet control

With CyberSec feature enabled, your device will be secured from participating in DDoS attacks even if it’s already infected with a malware. NordVPN will cut communication between your device and botnets’ ‘Command and Control’ server, which will prevent you from being involved in any dangerous activities.

Skip annoying ads

CyberSec prevents ads from loading the moment you enter a website. Not only this allows you to focus on the content you are there for, but also makes pages that you visit load faster and reduces your mobile data consumption.

Disclaimer: Due to Google’s policies, the CyberSec feature will no longer block ads on the NordVPN app downloaded from the Google Play Store. It will, however, keep protecting you from accessing malicious websites. The ad blocker is still available on the .apk version of the app offered exclusively on our website.

How the feature works

Typically, when you want to open a certain website (let’s say NordVPN), you type into your browser. Then the technical procedure goes like this: your device contacts a DNS server to request an IP address of that site, and once the Domain Name System (DNS) responds, you enter the website.

Here’s when the CyberSec feature comes into play. It references a real-time block list of harmful websites that may host malware, spyware, trackers or other dangerous software. So when our DNS server receives your request to enter a specific site, CyberSec will check its name against the list of possible threats and decides whether or not to allow the requested access.

If the site you are trying to reach is blocked by NordVPN CyberSec, its contents won’t be displayed and you will see a warning message instead. You won’t be able to continue to the blocked website unless you choose to disable the feature in your system preferences.

Ready to go? Let’s turn the CyberSec feature on!

Enabling CyberSec is super-easy, as everything with NordVPN. Simply open the app and go to settings menu. You will see the new feature listed above, so simply click the activation button and go surf the internet! If you don’t have the NordVPN app yet, you are more than welcome to download it here.

While our freshly launched feature is counting its first days, we would be very happy to receive your feedback and insights. Also, if you experience any technical issues, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support.

CyberSec is available on Windows, macOS (OpenVPN), Android, Linux and iOS.

Happy private secure browsing!

Lewis Lambert Fox
Lewis Lambert Fox successVerified author

Lewis is a content writer at NordVPN and a true explorer when it comes to cybersecurity. He’s always on a mission to examine the tech world through the lens of privacy and share his findings and useful tips with blog readers.

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