Web Proxy Extension

NordVPN web proxy extension for Google Chrome

Web extension for Chrome uses one of your free proxies. It hides your IP address and makes you anonymous. Nevertheless, using our VPN service would provide you full security and anonymity. We offer the best encryption strength there is what makes your private information impossible to be cracked down. Join our VPN community and let’s fight for the right or privacy together!

Chrome web extension lets you bypass geographic Internet blocks and web filters. If you are living or visiting a country with a strong censorship, such as China or Middle East, proxy extension will enable you access such services as Google, Skype, Facebook, Netflix, PayPal, etc. Nevertheless, NordVPN servers can give you the highest anonymity and security possible, not to mention very stable connection and the highest speeds possible.

Web proxy extension has no 3rd party advertisements or pop-ups. It is great as a user doesn’t need to waste time closing annoying ads and it also saves nerves. You will be able to enjoy your favorite activity without any interruption. NordVPN’s VPN service is also ad-free and gives you much higher speed and a top notch security.

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