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Below are the instructions for NordVPN application for Mac OS version 10.10 or higher.

1. Download the NordVPN application. You can get it from .
The OpenVPN version can be downloaded here directly:
The IKEv2 version can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, here:

2. Navigate to your Downloads folder and double-click the NordVPN.dmg file you have downloaded.


3. A new window will pop-up asking to drag NordVPN icon inside the Applications folder in order to install NordVPN application. Select and drag NordVPN icon to the Applications folder by pressing your mouse button down and release it once the icon is inside the folder.


4. Open your Applications directory where you will find NordVPN icon. Double click it and a new dialogue box will appear : “NordVPN is an application downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?”. Click on Open.


5. Click on the MENU button at the top left of the application window to open the User Menu.


6. Click Log in, enter your NordVPN account credentials, and click Log In again.



User menu

7. Whenever you will log in, the User menu will appear. In the first three sections you can see your username, IP address with indicator icon, expiration date and application settings.


8. To connect to the VPN you can simply click on a country pin – It will connect you to the fastest server in that country. Your IP address will change as well and the indicator icon should say “Real IP Hidden”.


User menu options

9. In the User menu you can find multiple settings and functions. You can scroll down to find more settings:

Connect on Start – You can set up a server that application will always connect you to whenever the application is started.

Kill Switch – You can add applications that you would like to be terminated in an event where VPN connection is lost.

Advanced Settings – More in-depth settings of the application.

Email Support – Send an e-mail to our support staff.

Knowledge Base – Access our Help Center, filled with self-help information, common questions and answers, as well as set-up guides.

Export VPN Log – Export the local VPN connection log, used for troubleshooting.

Favourite Servers – Open your favourite server list.

Server List – Open the full server list.

Sign Out – Sign out of the currently-signed-in NordVPN account.


Advanced settings

10. In the Advanced settings menu you can find multiple advanced options. You can scroll down to find more settings:

Start on Boot – enable this to make the NordVPN application start when you start your Mac.

Enable Notifications – You can enable the connection/disconnection notifications here, and customize their behaviour.

Protocol – This setting allows you to change the connection protocol used in the OpenVPN version of our application. The IKEv2 version of the application does not have this option.

Custom DNS – You can change the DNS addresses used when connected here, if you prefer to use your own DNS servers.


Server list

11. Clicking the Server List option in the User menu will open the full NordVPN server list. You can scroll down the list or use the search bar for a particular server. The list shows the server’s Load, Ping and Distance. You can add the server to Favorites by clicking Heart icon. To connect to the server click on the server itself.


Kill Switch

12. In the Kill Switch option you can add applications which you wish to be terminated if the VPN connection suddenly disconnects. In this example we have added Safari to the Kill Switch list.




Connect on Start

13. You can mark a server to connect to when the application starts. Click on Select next to the Connect on Start option, and select a server.


Afterwards, enable the Connect on Start option, and the application will connect to the chosen server when it starts.