If you wish to set up OpenVPN manually, you can set it up via OpenVPN GUI open-source software.

1. You would need to download OpenVPN GUI software first. You can download it for x32bit OS or x64bit OS.

2. Download the config files for the OpenVPN GUI here.

3. Go to C:/Program Files/OpenVPN/config and extract the config files there.

Note: only 50 configuration files can be imported at the same time.

4. Go to C:/Program Files/OpenVPN/bin then right click on openvpn-gui.exe and select “Run as administrator“.


5. Afterwards an icon with a monitor and a lock will appear on the bottom right corner of your system tray near the clock.


6. Right click that Icon then please select a server and click connect.


You should then be able to connect to the VPN server via OpenVPN protocol.