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Here are the instructions how to set up OpenVPN connection with NordVPN on your Asus router. The instructions were made on Asus RT-N18U, firmware version:

1. At first you need to login to the control panel of your Asus router. Usually by default it is
You should type this address in the address bar in browser. The window will prompt and will ask for username and password to access the control panel. Use your set username and password. If you have never changed the password, the credentials should be: admin/admin or admin without password.

2. After you are logged in to the Control Panel you should go to the VPN tab on the left side of the window.

3. Click on the VPN Client in the opened window.

4. Click on Add profile button at the bottom of the window.

5. Select OpenVPN tab and fill in the fields:
Description: you can name the connection you will create however you like;
User name: your NordVPN username;
Password: your NordVPN account password;

6. Now you need to download .ovpn files from here. Unzip the file package. You will see 2000+ files. Get back to the control panel of your router and click on Choose File button.

7. Select a preferred configuration file from the destination you have unzipped all files and click on Open.

8. The selected file now needs to be uploaded. Please click on Upload button. You should see the message Complete! if successful.

9. Now click on OK button. The “Import the CA file or edit the .ovpn file manually” should be left not ticked.

10. Now you need to set up NordVPN DNS’es. Go to WAN in the left menu bar. In the Connect to DNS Server automatically field select No and enter NordVPN DNS servers as following:

11. In the VPN Client tab you will see the created connection. Click on Activate button to connect your router to NordVPN. Please note that only one OpenVPN connection can be created. If you would like to have another connection configured you must remove or edit the existing one.

12. The blue check mark should appear in the Connection Status column. That means that you are connected to NordVPN.

13. You can check your IP address at in the topbar. Please make sure the webpage is refreshed and not loaded from cache.

To disconnect from NordVPN simply click on Deactivate button which appeared instead of the Activate button when you have connected.