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AsusWRT is a unified firmware that Asus uses in its recent routers. Among other things, it allows enhancing the router’s functionalities by setting up a VPN service on it.

Using VPN on your router ensures that any device connected to it will automatically have its Internet traffic protected, saving you a number of simultaneous VPN connections. Besides, all the connected devices will be able to avoid various geographical restrictions on streaming content, such as music or sports.

These instructions will help you get started with a VPN service on an Asus router running the AsusWRT firmware. Note: setup guidelines for other platforms and devices (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and other) are available here.


OpenVPN is a mature, secure and robust open-source protocol, which works with a wide variety of cryptographic algorithms. We use OpenVPN in native NordVPN apps for other devices as the default setup, as it is considered to be one of the best protocols in the industry.


The Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol was one of the first encryption protocols that came into existence. It runs on various operating systems and is quite easy to configure. However, we can recommend using it only when security is not very important or where legacy support is needed.