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How to watch Roland-Garros with NordVPN

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Every year in late May and early June, all eyes are on Paris where Roland-Garros, also often referred to as French Open, takes place. Roland-Garros is a premier tennis tournament that together with US Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open makes up the Grand Slam – the cycle of the most important tennis events around the world. Tennis fans, prepare for the drama on the court!

The Grand Slam events bring prestige and rewards for the players, but each of the tournaments is also challenging in different ways. While the US Open and Australian Open are played on a hard court, Wimbledon – on a grass court, the Roland Garros stands out for its’ red-colored clay court. The clay surface is one of the reasons for the Roland Garros being nearly the most physically challenging tennis tournament in the world. On a clay court, the ball moves slower and bounces higher, so delivering an unreturnable shot becomes not that easy to do.

All the greatest tennis players gather to demonstrate their excellence in Roland-Garros, so be sure not to miss a single match! You can watch the French Open on ITV (UK), NBC Sports (U.S.) and TSN (CA). Away from the country? Get NordVPN and stream sports from anywhere on Earth – well, except Antarctica.

Why Roland Garros? The full name of the tournament in French is Internationaux de France de Roland-Garros. But what does Roland-Garros stand for? The stadium where the French Open takes place honours the French fighter pilot Roland Garros who was the first one to fly over the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, he left his name in history by contributing to the invention of the front-mounted machine gun that brought revolution in the performance of combat planes. As a Parisian student, Garros was a passionate tennis player, so when the new stadium was built in 1928 it was named after the World War I hero – Stade Roland Garros.

Trophies. Designed by elite Parisian jewelers of the 17th century, the trophies awarded to the Roland-Garros winners are true works of art. All of them commemorate the greatest players in French tennis history.

If compared to the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España, cyclists are more likely to hit crosswinds when competing in the Tour de France, so it puts more pressure on the riders. For spectators, the 3 weeks of cycling goodness is gruelling yet fun to watch. But what can be more interesting than seeing a peloton of the best cyclists ride through the Alps with amazing scenery and fierce competition on the track where an error could cost a race?

  • The Musketeers’ Cup (Coupe des Mousquetaires) honors Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet and René Lacoste, the so-called ‘four musketeers’ of French tennis, and is awarded to the winner of Men’s Singles.
  • The winner of Women’s Singles gets to proudly hoist The Suzanne Lenglen Cup. It is named after the six-time French champion Suzanne Lenglen.
  • The Jacques Brugnon Cup – a tribute to Jacques Brugnon, a doubles specialist who dominated the game for nearly a decade in the late 1920s and early 1930s – is awarded to the winners of the Men’s Doubles competition in the French Cup.
  • The Simone Mathieu Cup bears the name of the exceptional French tennis player who has won two Women’s Singles and eight titles in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. The trophy is awarded to the winners in the Women’s doubles.
  • The Marcel Bernard Cup pays tribute to the French tennis player who remarkably won the Roland-Garros in 1946 and later became the president of French Tennis Federation. The trophy is given to the champions of Mixed Doubles.

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