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How to watch NHL with NordVPN

It takes only 3 simple steps to watch live sports in the comfort of your own home.

1. Get NordVPN

Download and subscribe to NordVPN. Or, get a free trial and take NordVPN for a test drive at first.

2. Connect to server

Connect to a server in the country where the streaming site is not restricted.

3. Enjoy the game

Shout, clap, whistle and cheer! Just make sure you have a streaming service subscription if required.


The Stanley Cup playoffs, the elimination tournament of NHL, attracts the attention of millions ice hockey fans worldwide. The best teams will make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, but only one will proudly raise the Stanley Cup – the most prestigious trophy in the world of ice hockey.

Pittsburgh Penguins were the champions of the season 2016, Montreal Canadiens have won the championship more times than any other team, and everyone’s wondering whose name will be engraved on the Stanley Cup trophy this June.

Your team needs your support – do not miss a game of the team you are cheering for. You can watch Stanley Cup playoffs on NBC Sports, Fox Sports, (United States) and CBC (Canada). Away from the country? Get NordVPN and stream sports from anywhere on Earth – well, except Antarctica.

Life is ice hockey, ice hockey is life. Do not let geo-blocked sites stop you from enjoying the most intense, thrilling and beautiful NHL playoff matchups – access them by using a VPN to stream sports online. NordVPN, reroutes traffic through a remote server in a country of your choice, encrypting your data all the way, so that you stay secure and anonymous.

The 2016-2017 season of National Hockey League is special: it marks the 100th anniversary of the championship. 30 teams from the United States and Canada competed in the regular season to get to the Stanley Cup playoffs and now 16 of them continue the battle for the moment of glory – raising up the Stanley Cup, the ice hockey’s Holy Grail.

4 reasons why is the Stanley Cup so special:
  1. The Stanley Cup is the one and only. Instead of crafting a new one every year, the same Stanley Cup trophy is passed from one year’s champions to the next ones and that makes the prize even more precious.
  2. It records all the past winners: names of players, coaches, staff and management are engraved on the Stanley Cup.
  3. Following the tradition, each player of the champions’ team gets to spend a day with the trophy.
  4. The Stanley Cup has a Keeper. The current official Keeper of the Cup, Philip Pritchard, accompanies the Cup everywhere to ensure its’ proper condition and shares the moments on his Twitter account.

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