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Hey there, golfing aficionados, good times are back! The Major Championships of 2018 are about to kick off with the Masters Tournament for starters. While the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship are the ones we have to wait for a bit, the Masters Tournament is set for April 5 – 8. Make sure to save the date for some top-notch action on a golf course!

Like every year, the Masters Tournament, or The Masters in short, will be hosted by the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia – one of the most eye-pleasing golf courses in the United States and probably in the world. And it’s already a decent reason to attend The Masters or at least watch it online, as non–members find it hard to get into the Augusta National Golf Club . The thrill of the game accompanied with the gorgeous natural surroundings is what makes The Masters Tournament a true golf fan’s paradise.

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How it all started

The Masters Tournament would not exist, if it wasn’t for Bobby Jones, one of the most successful amateur golfers in history, who decided to build a golf course after his retirement. With advice from Clifford Roberts, an investment banker, Jones acquired a former plant nursery and turned it into the Augusta National Golf Club, which was formally opened in 1933.

The inaugural Masters Tournament took place back in 1934 under the name ‘Augusta National Invitational.’ The first title and the prize of $1,500 was won by Horton Smith.


The Masters Tournament is also known for its long-lasting traditions, which make the competition a unique sporting event for both players and spectators.

Champions’ Dinner. Every year, the Champions’ Dinner is held to honor the past champions of the Masters Tournament. All honorary members of the Augusta National Golf Club, most of whom are past winners of the tournament, are invited to attend. The Champions’ Dinner is hosted by the defending champion, who is responsible for selecting the menu from his home region cuisine.

The opening tee shot. When the opening tee shot is hit, it means that the Masters Tournament has kicked off! It is always one of the legendary golf players to swing a club and shot the honorary starter.

The Green Jacket

In addition to a generous cash prize, the winner of the Masters Tournament is awarded the famous Green Jacket and the honorary club membership of the National Augusta Golf Club. The Green Jacket is the official attire of the club members and must be worn whenever on the property. First-time winners get to keep the Green Jacket for a year, but after this period it must be returned to be stored at the club. Whenever the golfer comes to play to Augusta, his jacket is waiting in a designated cloakroom together with the Green Jackets of all champions.

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