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How to watch Euroleague with NordVPN

It takes only 3 simple steps to watch live sports in the comfort of your own home.

1. Get NordVPN

Download and subscribe to NordVPN. Or, get a free trial and take NordVPN for a test drive at first.

2. Connect to server

Connect to a server in the country where the streaming site is not restricted.

3. Enjoy the game

Shout, clap, whistle and cheer! Just make sure you have a streaming service subscription if required.

NordVPN server guide for Euroleague streaming

If someone asked you Do you feel devotion?, you would definitely know what to answer, wouldn’t you? I feel devotion! – just as they sing in the Euroleague’s theme song that got this phrase stuck in the heads of fans for good. But there’s no surprise: the league, which is home for the elite European basketball clubs and hosts top-class games every season, is the most-watched basketball league in Europe.

The season of the major basketball league of the Old Continent runs from October through May and ends with the Final Four. It features the most anticipated games of the season: the semifinals and the final. Only one of the four teams will become the champion, winning the trophy and the glory. So who will hold the title this year?

Real Madrid has won more championship titles than any other team in the Euroleague. Will they add one more this season? Catch all the action from the basketball court and see who will proudly hoist the champion’s trophy: you can watch Euroleague games on Sky Sports (UK). Away from the country? Get NordVPN and stream Euroleague from anywhere on Earth – well, except Antarctica.

A few bits from the Euroleague history

The beginning of the Euroleague dates back to the year 1958 when the premier European basketball competition was established by the FIBA. However, it wasn’t called Euroleague back then – instead, it all started with the FIBA European Champions Cup that was changed to FIBA European League and FIBA EuroLeague later on. Only in 2000, the competition was rebranded and became the Euroleague as we know it today.

Since 2010, the top European basketball league is also officially known as the Turkish Airlines Euroleague, because the company has become the primary sponsor of the competition.

Individual awards

There is a number of individual awards for the best players in the Euroleague, but the MVP is considered to be the most prestigious one. MVP stands for the most valuable player and it’s for the press members to vote and decide who will be announced as the MVP. The Full Season MVP is the equivalent for the NBA Most Valuable Player award and is based on the player’s performance during the regular season and the playoffs. The Final Four MVP, on the other hand, is selected only from the teams that made it to the semifinals.

Players showing their skills and mastery in defensive positions aren’t forgotten as well. The Euroleague’s head coaches cast their votes for players that they see being the best in defense. Dimitris Diamantidis from Panathinaikos has received the award 5 seasons in a row (seasons 2004-2005 to 2008-2009). Diamantidis, ‘the king of defense’, has set a hard-to-beat record: there were players, such as Bryant Dunston from Olympiacos, winning the award twice, but only upcoming seasons will show if anyone can compare to Diamantidis.

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