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Hide your identity and secure your connection while using Kodi to stream TV, movies, and sports.

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Use Kodi Privately

Keep your identity 100% private while using Kodi with NordVPN. We use military-grade encryption with ZERO logs policy — so no one can see your personal data or monitor your activities. You’ll be able to enjoy movies and TV shows securely and anonymously.

Secure Your Connection

Kodi is an impressive platform — but unfortunately it has some security vulnerabilities. With NordVPN best-in-class security features, you’ll stay safe and secure on Kodi. Unlike some VPNs, we secure your COMPLETE connection, making it impenetrable to hackers, spies, and other unwanted parties.

Prevent ISP Snooping & Throttling

With NordVPN, your IP address stays hidden. So your Internet Service Provider can’t track you or throttle your connection while you use Kodi.

Stay anonymous, protect yourself from spies and hackers on Kodi, and erase your digital footprint. When you’re connected to NordVPN’s secure servers, all your data is encrypted for maximum security and privacy.

How to Use Kodi With NordVPN


VPN is a virtual private network which tunnels your traffic by hiding your IP address and routing your traffic through a VPN server in another location.

NordVPN can secure your connection by encrypting your internet traffic. Enjoy added privacy without loosing speed.


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Which devices can I use to watch Kodi with NordVPN?

You can use Kodi with NordVPN on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any streaming device connected to your router (like Amazon Fire TV Stick). Just download our easy-to-use apps for your device(s) or see how to set up NordVPN on your router.

Does NordVPN keep logs?

NO! We have a strict no-log policy. Your data stays 100% private, encrypted, and secure.

Will I be able to watch more content on Kodi?

Yes! NordVPN will let you bypass location restrictions on add-ons. You’ll be able to access content in countries around the world

Can I use NordVPN for other things?

Yes, lots! You can use NordVPN with lots of other streaming services, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and HBO. It’s also the best way to protect your privacy online or when using public WiFi, and to bypass location restrictions on websites.

Don’t Choose Entertainment over Data Security