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NordVPN’s tracker blocker: for maximum privacy

Browse without leaving a trace

nordvpn tracker blocker provides maximum privacy

How tracking cookies work

preventing cookie tracing

Websites are full of third-party cookies that collect data about you, most often without you even knowing. That includes your browsing habits, the sites you visit, the time, and device information.

This information is handed over to third-party companies. They use the data to serve intrusive ads that follow you from website to website. It’s also why you and your friends can get different prices for the same flight, hotel room, or jacket. Some websites tailor their prices based on your previous purchases.

What information do web trackers collect?

trackers can collect your IP and other private data

Web trackers can collect your IP address and location, browsing history, your clicks on a website, what items you looked at and for how long, as well as the data about the browser and device you’re using. Trackers can even log your login credentials, collect information about your political views, family, preferences, and much more.

All of this information is gathered and then sold to marketing companies. If cybercriminals got their hands on this data, they could compile a detailed portfolio about someone and use it against them in a phishing attack.

How do I block tracking cookies?

using a vpn helps to protect yourself from trackers

Using a VPN is a good place to start. It changes your IP and encrypts your online data. But Threat Protection’s tracker blocker will take you one step further. It blocks the trackers while you browse. This way, you can browse and shop online without having targeted ads following you around the internet.

While incognito mode deletes browser cookies after you close the browser, it does nothing to protect you from trackers. It has many other downsides as well. For example, you’ll have to log in every time, you won’t be able to reopen a tab after you close it, and you’ll have to enable your extensions manually.

So get NordVPN and enjoy private browsing without sacrificing convenience.

How to block trackers with NordVPN


Open the NordVPN app


Find the shield icon and click on it


Toggle the Threat protection switch on

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