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NordVPN’s tracker blocker: for maximum privacy

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NordVPN’s tracker blocker feature provides maximum privacy

What is a tracker blocker?

A tracker blocker is a tool that stops third-party trackers from following you around the internet and gathering data about you. How is it better than using a private browsing mode? It stops trackers as you browse, not after you close your browser. Using a separate tracker blocker tool will allow you to enjoy private browsing without sacrificing convenience.

What does a tracker blocker protect you from?

Intrusive ads

You research a health condition once and then see ads for medicine and procedures for months. Sounds familiar? Blocking trackers prevents ads from following you around.

Unfair prices

Online shops can use data gathered by trackers to serve you higher prices based on your recent purchases. If you block trackers, your spending habits will stay private.

Data gathering

IPs, location, devices and browsers used, time spent on websites, political views, family, food preferences, and lots of other information goes to form your digital profile. Block trackers to prevent it.

How to block trackers with NordVPN


Open the NordVPN app


Find the shield icon and click on it


Toggle the Threat protection switch on

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