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VPN secure your personal data with military-grade encryption

Just hop on NordVPN and enjoy global connectivity along with secure access to social networks, messaging apps, news platforms and media content. It takes just a few clicks to experience true online freedom with no censorship. Concerned about Internet privacy? Protect your personal data with VPN secure connection from NordVPN.

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    Protect your Internet connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots
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    No logs of your online activity
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    Hundreds of fast, P2P-friendly servers
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    Native apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS
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    Extremely easy to set up and use

Reasons to use NordVPN in Netherlands

Safely connect to public Wi-Fi

Connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks always puts your personal information at risk. NordVPN increases your online safety. It encrypts your Internet traffic with military-grade security protocols making it for hackers extremely difficult to intercept and decipher.

File sharing
Easily send large files

Although P2P sharing has multiple legitimate uses, many ISPs deny access to file-sharing websites or set bandwidth limits. With NordVPN you can keep your online activity private from your ISP. Moreover, we are a P2P-friendly service and will never limit your bandwidth.

Multiple devices
Secure multiple devices

An average Dutch user has 3 active connected devices. Manually setting up VPN protection on each device may be quite complicated. NordVPN has native apps for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS and allows you setting up VPN on up to 6 devices with a single account.

Bypass bandwidth throttling

If you experience buffering or long load times while streaming your favorite show online, there’s a high chance your ISP is limiting your bandwidth. NordVPN allows you avoid these problems by encrypting your Internet traffic so that your ISP can no longer see or control it.

Double VPN

Protect your communication from third-party intervention

Besides the Netherlands reputation for being the most heavily phone-tapped country in the world, a dragnet surveillance bill also keeps reappearing in the parliament. If this bill gets accepted, it will allow Dutch intelligent services to conduct massive surveillance of all Dutch Internet users.

Furthermore, the Netherlands belongs to the 14 Eyes group of countries whose intelligence services share data amongst themselves on a “don’t ask basis". This means that information of your online communications and other activities will also be accessible to foreign governments.

NordVPN keeps your identity secret by directing your Internet traffic through a remote server and changing your IP address. It also protects your traffic with strong encryption so that no one could monitor or log your online activity. For the maximum security extra privacy solutions, such as Double VPN, are also available.

We take your privacy seriously, this is why we keep no logs of your online activity. We could not share your private information with the authorities even if they asked us to.

*The NordVPN service is not intended to be used for bypassing copyright regulations. For more details, please read the NordVPN Terms of Service

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