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Saving Money On Flights, Car Rentals By Using A VPN

Christina Craig

Christina Craig

Dec 09, 2015 · 3 min read

Saving Money On Flights, Car Rentals By Using A VPN

When planning a vacation, one of the worries we often have, is the cost, as saving some money on services and flights that don’t compromise our comfort could extend our travels or make them more enjoyable.

Most of us use online portals to book flights or rent cars. Two things to note:

  • A) all of these vacation sites use cookies to track how many times you visit their website;
  • B) the prices of the flights/rentals fluctuate periodically, and you never know if you are getting the best deal. This presents a very tricky situation as there are a few parameters that one needs to look out for while booking an airplane ticket or renting a car.

The online booking portals use IP Address and location data while determining the price of your flight tickets or car rentals. Airplane tickets appear cheaper when purchased from a different location because of foreign currency leverages and advantage of points of sale. Thus, the trick of getting the least priced ticket for your airplane or car rentals is to appear as if you’re booking from another place where the prices are cheaper. And what better way to use a VPN to make it appear that you’re accessing the website from some other place. In this Article, we shall be learning about using VPNs to reduce the prices of your flight booking and car rentals.

How does a website know my Location?

Websites visited by you determine your location using your unique IP address. You location information and data are located within your IP address. This enables travel sites to show you your region specific contents. The IP address enables websites to collect information about the location of the users and what they are doing.

How do prices of Airplane tickets and car rentals vary?

You may have observed fluctuating prices of the flights while booking. The prices vary almost every time you visit the website. Such online portals use cookies for tracking who is visiting the website, how many times you have visited the website, the number of hours spent on the website, and the flights you have searched.

If you book a flight ticket from a different place then you will notice a huge dip in the pricing of the tickets. This happens because the place, from where the transaction is being completed, affects the pricing of the ticket. In other words, the point-of-sale affects the prices to very large extent.

How can VPNs help in saving money while booking tickets or renting?

VPNs are services that provide you with an alternate gateway to access a website. Your requests, through a VPN, are handled by a server located in some other country. This makes the site appear that you’re making the request form some other location. You may be physically present within the comforts of your home but make it appear that you’re accessing the website from a far off place using a VPN.

As you would have understood from the discussions above that the trick for getting cheap tickets lies in altering the point-of-sale. Once you make a website believe that you are situated in a place where the cost of the tickets is less, then you automatically get a better deal on such tickets. You will be amazed after noticing the difference in prices when you change the location of the point-of-sale. But how do you change your point of sale location? No, you do not need to physical go to that place. You just need to mask your IP address with the IP address of the preferred location. And how do you do it? Yes, you guessed it right. You can do this by using a VPN.

Using a VPN like NordVPN is extremely easy and simple and customer support is available 24/7 to guide you if any questions arise. After setting up NordVPN, access the online portals to get best deals for your flight tickets and car rentals.