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Never go online without a VPN

Sherjeel’s advice to other

Never ever use public WiFi without a VPN. Even if you do not access your bank accounts during those sessions, there are a lot of other ways your sensitive information can be compromised. I was not familiar with these things until I became a victim myself. Please take my advice and read about it on the internet, and make the smart choice of investing in a reliable VPN.

Sherjeel K.

Sherjeel K.

Age 29, USA, student

The story

Hackers had set up a fake open access point to which I connected to. During that session, I logged into two of my credit card accounts. Later on, I found out that both of those cards had been used for various purchase around the country. I was devastated as I did not realize what was going on until significant purchases had gone through.

It was a first experience of this kind, so it took me a while to sort things out. I reported my credit card as stolen to the respective companies, reported all the fraudulent transactions. Although I did get my new cards in a couple of days, it took a lot more time than I would have liked for the fraudulent transactions to clear out, during which I was nervous and frustrated.

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Mike F. · Age 71 · Canada · business owner

Hit by ransomware: lesson learned.

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Alexei M. · Age 25 · Australia · specialist

Don’t shop online when using public Wi-Fi

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Barbara · Age 67 · USA · retired

Hackers out of luck. Totally.

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