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Nous estimons l’apport de notre utilisateur dans l’amélioration du service de NordVPN. Votre retour d’information nous aide à développer NordVPN. Nous aimerions que vous contribuiez à l’amélioration de NordVPN en suggérant une nouvelle fonction, testant notre version bêta, ou participez dans les enquêtes menées par notre service client et reportez les failles de sécurité détectées.

Caractéristiques Suggérées

Easy to use apps on Android and ios that allow to keep vpn running in the background so that all the online traffic on mobile Internet is encrypted.
A great iOS app. I don’t use the current one because it’s not really an app but just a way to push some VPN profiles into iOS. Please make a decent app.
A forum where users can discuss and recommend ways to improve services. I would like to see if others are having similar issues as me.
Server list in numerical order, so it’s easier to use the same one. I do that so, if the site is checking, I’m not in a different part of the country every time I visit.
Multihop VPN where the user can choose the servers to hop through. I don’t like fixed service you provide as their is no choice.

Caractéristiques Mises en œuvre

NordVPN added 12 new servers in Egypt, South Korea, United Kingdom, Italy and United States of America. Now in total there are 523 servers in 47 countries.
NordVPN expanded the number of native apps by introducing the highly anticipated Android app (currently in beta mode). It comes with a built in customer support and other cool features.
Technically speaking, SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) – is a form of VPN tunnel that enables users to access a private network by using HTTPS. This protocol offers similar advantages to OpenVPN (i.e. the ability to utilize TCP port 443 typically used by HTTPS protocol to establish secure internet connection).
NordVPN added SOCKS5 protocol. If you want enhanced security and encryption use a combination of SOCKS5 and a VPN Service. Additional benefits of using SOCKS5 include support in the case a VPN connection is interrupted.

Looking for Windows App Beta Testers

Help us test the latest NordVPN app, loaded with cool new features and simple to use interface.

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Notre but principal est de fournir le niveau de sécurité le plus élevé pour nos utilisateurs. Si vous remarquez une possible vulnérabilité de NordVPN, nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous le signaler. L’effort de nos développeurs de sécurité est avantageusement récompensé.