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This tutorial explains how to connect your GL.iNet router to NordVPN using the OpenVPN protocol.

First things first, these changes are made in the web configuration panel of your router. You can access it by visiting the local IP of your router from your web browser. The two most common, default local IPs that most routers have are or – you can access these by opening or in your browser. The default IP, username and password are listed in your router’s User Manual.

  1. 1. Access your device via the WebGUI. By default GL.iNet IP address is
  2. 2. Select OpenVPN and you will navigate to OpenVPN configurations. Now download the following files:
    OpenVPN Configuration File Package

    Extract them into your selected directory.

  3. 3. Drag and drop your selected ovpn file to your router. Then a new window will pop up which will ask you to specify your NordVPN credentials. Type them in.
  4. 4. Then put a tick next to Enable option. If you want to activate kill switch – select Force VPN as well. Afterwards press Apply.
  5. 5. Once connected your router will state that.
  6. 6. Congrats! You are connected to VPN. In the NordVPN website you can check if the connection works well for you. Refresh the website and check if the status is shown as Secured.