Emergency VPN assistance

NordVPN is standing up to censorship and mistreatment of people online


Encryption assistance to those in need

Here at NordVPN we are committed to making Internet freedom an attainable reality. We want to proactively assist those who need privacy and protection online the most. NordVPN is committing a portion of our earnings by extending our premium service to those who need privacy and security online in case of emergency, under extreme duress or threat of physical danger.

Temporary Emergency VPN Access

Users who are undergoing a temporary web content block, such as restricted access to information or online communication, are encouraged to take advantage of a temporary 5-Day Emergency NordVPN service. No questions asked.

Extended Emergency VPN Access

If you are undergoing more serious online threats that indirectly threaten your physical well-being – a long term NordVPN Emergency access could be granted.



Limited Freedom of Speech

Limited freedom of speech

Mass Surveillance

Mass surveillance

Data Breaches and ID theft

Data breaches and ID theft

Internet is not a place that it once was. Human web rights are under threat in one form or another across the world. Many face severe danger or are profoundly silenced online. NordVPN wants to help people to get their voices back by securing their private data and ensuring online privacy.

Combination of online threats can be lethal/ extremely dangerous to certain groups of people who deal with prejudice, including and not limited to Journalists, freedom of speech and/or human rights advocates, victims of domestic violence who are having a difficult time hiding from perpetrators online, victims of extreme prejudice in countries where free expression of one’s beliefs or sexuality might be subject to severe punishment, etc.

Are you facing severe threat online? Tell us your story and get 6 months of free VPN service.