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Why choose NordVPN?

See how we compare to the other VPN providers.

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Connection speed*
6730+ Mbps
2220+ Mbps
3320+ Mbps
1600+ Mbps
2320+ Mbps
WireGuard® for top speeds
VPN servers
Verified no-logs policy
Live chat customer support

*Overall network performance according to research by AV-Test. You can read the full report.
Date of comparison: February 17, 2021.

Take your cybersecurity to the next level with Threat Protection

The new feature protects you from malware, trackers, and ads. Even if you’re not connected to a VPN.

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Malware protection

Avoid malicious websites and protect your devices from malware.

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Tracker blocker

Block tracking cookies and browse the internet without leaving a trace.

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Ad blocker

No more pop-ups and intrusive ads — only smooth browsing.

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Why is NordVPN your best choice in Canada?

Next-generation encryption

Stay safe no matter what. NordVPN encrypts your internet traffic with next-generation encryption, so your private data is protected from cybercriminals and snoopers.

Strict no-logs policy

It’s nobody’s business what you are doing online. NordVPN’s strict no-logs policy ensures that none of your data is monitored, recorded, stored, logged or passed to third parties.

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Convenience and accessibility

Explore with unlimited bandwidth

Enjoy the best internet experience. Browse, chat, work as much as you want, whenever you want — we won’t hold you back.

Servers everywhere

Join the extensive NordVPN network of ultra-fast servers in 59 countries around the globe. To get the fastest speeds, connect to any server located in Canada.

Works on all devices

NordVPN is compatible with all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Besides, you can secure up to 6 devices with a single account, including your router.


NordVPN is user-friendly and easy from the start. Simply hit Quick Connect and get connected to the best VPN server immediately.

24/7 customer support

Need assistance? Our professional and friendly tech support agents are here to help you anytime you need them.

Trusted by tech experts and real users

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As VPN services go, it's hard to beat NordVPN. It has a large and diverse collection of servers, an excellent collection of advanced features, strong privacy and security practices, and approachable clients for every major platform.

Max Eddy

Software analyst, PCMag

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The bottom line here is: When you’re online, you don’t have to worry about being secure or about your information getting out there if you have a VPN. NordVPN makes it simple.

Tech of Tomorrow

Tech reviewer, YouTube

the huffington post
pc mag
buzz feed
yahoo tech
business insider

30-day money-back guarantee

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Secure your data, passwords, and files

68% off the 2-year plan.

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Password manager

Securely store, organize, and access your passwords from anywhere.

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    Generate complex passwords

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    Sync across all of your devices

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    Store notes and credit cards

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File encryption with cloud

Encrypt any file in a blink and store it securely on your computer or the cloud.

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    10 GB private cloud storage

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    Secure files via drag and drop

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    Back up your data automatically