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Watch Formula 1 from anywhere

Nov 10, 2015 · 3 min read

Watch Formula 1 from anywhere

The Formula 1 season of 2015 is nearing its end. Lewis Hamilton looks almost set to retain his title as the Drivers’ Champion, with only the Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix left for him to see out. The season has been a thrilling one, as usual.

However, some people find it difficult to watch Formula 1 Grand Prix because the events may not be aired in the country they are located in or the streaming websites they wish to use to watch the race events do not allow them access due to being unavailable in their region. This is a result of the service being geographically restricted. In this article, we discuss how to bypass geo-restriction.

How Geo-restriction works

Geo-restricted services always check your IP address when you try to access their service. Almost all streaming services have access restrictions; there is always some part of the world where you cannot stream the content you want. By looking at your IP address, the website can determine your location. If you are found to be accessing the service from an area where that particular service is not available, you are not allowed access to the website.

How to bypass geo-restriction

There are a few ways you can bypass geo-restrictions and watch the Formula 1 2015 season’s climax. We discuss them here:

1. Get a VPN

VPNs help you bypass geo-restrictions by hiding your true geographical location. They do this by masking your IP address with the IP address of their server. So when the streaming site looks at your IP, it will see the IP of the VPN server you are using the internet through and not your true IP. Since VPNs allow you to choose a server from anywhere in the world where they have servers, you can connect to a server in a region where the streaming service you wish to use is available and you’re good to go. VPNs also offer you security in that they encrypt all data shared between the internet and your system, so your data cannot be compromised. Make sure you always choose the fastest VPN to avoid interruptions while streaming.

2. Proxy Servers

Proxy servers allow you to access a particular website through their remote server. They basically act as mediators, connecting you to the website through one of their servers. Proxy servers are usually free, but the free ones are full of ads and speeds are really low due to high traffic. Many a times proxy servers cannot work for a specific website, so if you want to use a proxy server, you can only wish that there is an unblocked proxy server for your desired website.

3.  SmartDNS Proxy (Coming Soon to NordVPN)

SmartDNS works in a similar way to VPN in that they also mask your true IP address from onlookers to make it appear like you are using the service from somewhere else. However, there are two noteworthy distinctions between the two:

  • SmartDNS proxy is faster than VPN because no extra hops are added by SmartDNS services
  • SmartDNS does not encrypt all your internet data, so you are vulnerable to online identity thefts or other such attacks

Where to Watch Online

Region Broadcast Online
Australia tenplay
USA NBC Sports
UK BBC Sports
UK Sky Sports 1
Canada TSN 3 / RDS 2
Spain Antena 3
Italy Sky Sports
France Canal + Sports
Japan Fiji TV Next
India Star Sports
Middle East BeIN Sports 6


We discussed a few methods to bypass geo-restrictions and watch F1. Which method you choose depends on what service you want. VPN is the preferred all-round choice, but if you simply want high-speed access to a streaming service then SmartDNS proxies can work just fine for you. Before subscribing for a SmartDNS service, make sure you check whether the streaming channel you wish to use is supported by that service.

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