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Was North Korea hacked by NSA in 2010?

North Korea hacked by NSA in 2010?

The National Security Agency was unable to grasp just how serious North Korea’s attack on Sony as it happened despite having been able to penetrate the networks of the country in 2010, says the New York Times.

According to anonymous sources discovered by the newspaper and the Der Spiegel document that was released from Snowden’s cache, the United States was able to burrow into the cyber-systems of North Korea approximately four years ago, spotting Malaysian and Chinese networks that were used by their cyber-army.

The Spiegel document revealed that both South Korea and the United States were able to install malware on the inboxes of officials of North Korea. After being able to accomplish a task as large as this one it is surprising why the US were unable to pick up on clues that the Sony Pictures attack was coming.

The New York Times states: “Fearing the exposure of its methods in a country that remains a black hole for intelligence gathering, American officials have declined to talk publicly about the role the technology played in Washington’s assessment that the North Korean government had ordered the attack on Sony.”

So why was not the United States able to pick up on these attacks if they were able to break into North Korea’s system? In this case they may have underestimated just how serious North Korea was. The National Security Agency were not aware that they had planned on using a spear fishing virus to gain control of the administrative account that could do a terrible amount of damage.

Attackers spent over two months starting in September and leading all the way into November sneaking around into Sony’s network, creating their attack, says the New York Times.

Many find it difficult to believe that with all of the circumstantial evidence that has been presented that the United States was unable to pick up on the Sony attack and be able to prevent it. However, the lack of solid evidence is what prevents the possibility for actual proof that the United States is in fact to blame for not catching the Sony attacks before they occurred. But then again, there has been no actual evidence proving that anyone else knew about it either.

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